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Seminal Proposal

Thursday October 4th/2007

English 383 Popular Literature and Culture

Section D103 

Group Proposal – The History of the Graphic Novel 

      The 12:30 Thursday Tutorial has selected the topic of "The History of the Graphic Novel" for our seminar project.  We will be focusing on the entire history (beginning from early origins to present and future trends).  With this in mind, our group began by discussing where/when the graphic novel originated. This led us to primitive society; early cave drawings and paintings that used sequential art to tell a story.  Though difficult to pin down to a specific date or time, we feel that this best illustrates the earliest form of graphic narrative.  From this starting point, we will follow subsequent trends and innovations in graphic narratives and novels throughout time.  The focus of our project will be on the interconnectivity and influence from one genre, time period, and location to another.  

In order to best depict this historical progression, we will be using a "flow chart" time line.  This chart will follow the history of graphic novels in a linear fashion (beginning at our chosen origin and moving towards the present).  By connecting our subjects visually (see image 1) we intend to demonstrate the influences one work or text has had on another.  If needed, there will be lines spanning several boxes in order to show the relationships between the various works we will be covering.  The most effective way to portray this concept will be through the format of an HTML based flow chart; each box featured in the chart will have a descriptive title, and upon clicking on the box, the viewer will be immediately taken to the subject's relative information page. 

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Image 1 

We have split the work up within groups by dividing the research into five main sections.  From there, the small groups in our tutorial will each be given a section to research. As a result, each group will focus on a specific topic covering the Early, Middle, and Modern periods of graphic novels.  We will be defining Early as Pre-World War I, Middle as World War I to 1960 (There has been debate over whether or not to increase this to 1970, however, this will be decided at a later date) and Modern as post 1960 ( or 1970) onwards. Keeping efficiency in mind, we have opted to use the small groups within our seminar to break these large-scale time periods down into five sub-categories of research.  The five titles of research will be as follows: 

  1. Asia
  2. North America
  3. Europe
  4. World (International Graphic Novels)
  5. Overview (Introduction/Conclusion & cross over)

Each group will divide these subjects into sub-categories to achieve a better and more focused understanding of the entire history of the graphic novel.  In future weeks, we will decide these group responsibilities (with the overview section reserved for the group of three students). 

By presenting the project in this way, our historic flow chart will certainly be a medium that allows for an interactive and informative method of delivery.


Written By: Katie Reid

Edited By: Mike Morelli

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