Friday, October 5, 2007

Organization of the History of the Graphic Novel

Greetings and Salutations,

After some debate yesterday, we came to the conclusion that in order to
adequately examine the history of the graphic novel, (or graphic Literature,
if we want to avoid the 'novel' moniker) we would divide the work into
geographical regions:

1. European
2. Asian
3. North American
4. 'World' - works not falling into these other catagories
5. Cross overs and Tie ins - places in history where these geographic
influences blend together

The reason for dividing it into 5, was for each Small Research group to be
able to take on a particular region. For reference, the groups are:

-Whitney, Jessica, Cynthia, Mike, Dan
-Jason, Karen, Mikela, Nathaniel, Arti
-David K, Bronwyn, David H
-Ben, Samantha, Kevin T, Kathleen, Kyle
-Heather, Kevin G, Jessica, Morgan, Bonnie

As of now, we have not decided which group will be doing which section. Many
with an avid interest in 'sequential art' will flock to either Asian or
North American, not only due to previous intrest, but also because the
greatest amount of well known literature is in those two categories. I would
ask that groups carefully consider other options before voicing their desire
to pursue a particular geographic group.

If you can, get together with your groups and discuss what regions/topics
you would like to look at and pick 3. Perhaps others might voice later how
we will decide, but for now lets work on that.

Also, If we can get a thread going of 'group emails' that will be easier
for both the Seminar presentation and the small research groups to get ahold
of their respective classmates.

I now plan to run with the speed of many antelopes to class, i hope to see
other postings soon.

Kyle Ross

Undergraduate Faculty of Arts

"Midpoint in the journey of my life, I found myself alone within a forest
dark. For I had lost the straight road." Dante's Divine Comedy

"And I? I took the road less traveled by. And that has made all the
difference" Robert Frost

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